How to Handle an Academic Book Review Essay Outline

How to Handle an Academic Book Review Essay Outline

An academic book review essay is usually amongst the tasks that students juggle when undertaking their coursework. At such times, the student can encounter various challenges when writing one. A book review should then be a point of contention for every individual.

From the above definition, it is apparent that an academic book review is a writing process designed to highlight a specific aspect of a book and its author. At times, a student might have to research the contents of a particular book to complete the article. In such cases, the latter might require them to have their sources’ citations organized and arranged in a specific order.

The outstanding points to focus on when handling a book review essay can be characterized into three crucial sections. These are as follows:

Topic selection

The first step in any book review is to identify the intended target audience. Once this has been determined, the next step is to select the appropriate topic to go with the given book. Generally, a common misconception holds that students should choose a novel or even a short story. This notion overlooks the importance that a book should have in your academic writing. In case you get stuck with a specific matter, or you believe the author might be out of your realm of knowledge, you should seek research help from your school library or specialist online sources.


In this final stage, students should ensure that they maintain consistency across the three book reviews. In which case, they should strive to create a third opinion with the information presented in the first two sections. In case you are unsure of which points to take for your thesis statement, you can explore out ideas that align with your instructor. You can either opt to pursue their viewpoint or reject it. Regardless of which direction you take, the last step should always be to use examples to validate your views.

Organization of points

Lastly, students should ensure that they achieve relevance in their references throughout the book review. Although there are numerous options when it comes to essay writing, this is the one that we will focus on in this article. It entails starting from the most basic outline, sub-stituting a relevant quote from the book for each paragraph. You can start from the most general essay outline and subdivide it into subsections accordingly.

Similarly, you can select one or two points to introduce each section. Subsequently, it would also be prudent to incorporate examples or images from the text. Thus, your book review should always have a conclusive sense to it.

Regardless of the format employed, it should be a point to remember that your essay should always have an introduction, body and conclusion. Since you are not the only one handling the book review, you should ensure that you create an out-standing read for your readers.