Basic College Application Essay Tips

There are a lot of college application essay tips out there and it can be confusing to know what to follow. Or maybe you have waited until the last minute and you want to know what is the most important. Follow our basic college application essay tips for an essay that will get you where you want to go.

Brainstorm. You can make lists, topic trees, charts – whatever helps you. Think back through your life experiences and situations you have encountered. Try to keep the topic about your own experience, but if you have something really significant that happened to a close friend, you can use that if you carefully relate that to the impact it had on your life.

Use your own words. Remember that all essays are run through online plagiarism services and even the slightest bit of plagiarism will be detected. Think of the personal essay as an interview. You want to sound witty and original, and also knowledgeable without seeming fake or pompous.

Follow directions. This is one of the most basic college application essay tips, but is not always adhered to. If there is a word count, stick closely to it. If there are specific instructions, make sure you follow them. If there is a question that must be answered, be sure to answer it clearly. Even down to the formatting of the essay, college advisors are looking for your attention to those details because it is an indication of how you are as a student.

Use the Common Application. If writing an essay from scratch is too hard for you, then you can use the common application, which uses six basic questions. You can fill out this application online or in print, and it goes to over 400 universities and colleges. The only drawback to this is your essay may not set you apart, but at the same time, you will know your topic is an approved one.

Make it clean. Simply using spell check and a grammar check will not suffice. You must read your paper over and over to make sure you got every error. It is beneficial to have others read over your paper, but do not have too many people give opinions or you will get confused. Another helpful college application essay tip is to go through your essay and clean out filler words. Clear, concise writing is easiest to read and judge, and admissions officers will appreciate it.

Use these basic college application essay tips for an essay that meets the requirements and gets you into the school you dream of!