4 Useful Tips on Writing an Excellent GCB

 Essential Sections of Your GCB

Most students assume that their GCB essay assignment is already completed and they are just in need of filling in the gaps. But how long does it take before a student completes their piece?

It could be as long as several days, or even weeks, depending on the complexity of the question or length of your essay. Each time a student reviews their GCB, they get to test their understanding of a particular idea. And the whole time, they need to reflect on whether the ideas presented are coherent and making sense to them.

Another aspect you need to keep in mind is the general tone of your paper. Remember, the main aim of your GCB assignment is to test your mastery of the topic and your research skills. For this reason, you need to create a sense of humor in the piece. Instead of seeming serious, use humor to lighten the mood and make the gravity of the instructions on the content feel lighter. This tone also helps boost the credibility of your essay.

Besides, standard essay formats include the use of an introduction, body, and then the conclusion. The introduction sets the table with any intent of the rest of the sections, and it serves as the heart of the GCB essay. While there are numerous ways of writing an essay, the one you are most likely to use is the narrative format. In a narrative format, you give a brief description of what your topic is about, and it concludes with your recommendation and recommendations on how to improve that topic.

The body is where you further elaborate on your thesis statement. This section addresses your thesis statement in further detail and elaborates how your topic will help solve the problem you are trying to solve. State evidence that is backed up with scholarly sources that can help support your hypothesis. When you uncover new information to support your views, do not forget to create an argument to support it. For this reason, you are required to use transitional phrases where appropriate. However, a proper term is necessary to ensure that your entire piece makes sense. For example, you should create the statement, ‘I think that” not ‘I think that it is so.” A recent GCB assignment answers this question, ‘I think this subject is fascinating and worth studying.”

The last section is the conclusion where you summarize your interpretation of your thesis statement. In this part, you make all the recommendations that follow up from the claims you made in the previous sections. So it would help if you did not repeat yourself in the conclusion. Use your account of the evidence to defend the views you had brought up earlier in the piece. The GCB essay assignment answers to this question, ‘I agree with the statements written in the body.” However, they emphasize on the need to ensure that there is a solid relationship between the body of ideas in your GCB essay assignment and the thesis statement.

Like any other form of writing, a GCB paper should have a good structure that utilizes the required sections to provide the essential information. However, make sure to tackle each section appropriately because different essays have different requirements.